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How to get more traffic that drives sales through your website?

1. analysis

At the first stage, we sit down and listen to your experiences about your field. In case you already have a website, we inspect it and share the first insights. By carefully maintaining the outsider’s view we ensure our objectivity also during the analysis of your competitors and industry.

2. setup

At the second stage, we build or re-design your website, create the Facebook account and blog section. Technical issues are fixed and high quality web hosting services guarantee the super-fast download page speed. Unique and relevant content is prepared, as well as the ads for the campaign.

3. campaign

We manage your online advertising in the long run and report back to you the results and lessons learnt regularly. You will get valuable data about the ads performance and from where your traffic comes from. These data provide insights that can help your business make the most of the online world to reach out to your customers.

Our tools for making your sales successful


Keyword research and analysis

That’s the basis of SEO that brings you clicks from relevant customers


Competitors analysis

Sun-ze quote „…”


Page load speed

It is important for both of your customers and search engines


Mobile responsiveness/readibilty

More than 50% of searches come from mobile…


Page rank

The rank of the page in organic seraches


Website development


Collecting information

significant, relevant content creation


Content creation

Content writing, visual content production


Setting up Social Media accounts

It supports SERP ranking


AdWords, Google Analitics, Youtube setups

It supports SERP ranking


Consultations, reporting

Every feedback and consultation is an opportunity for development for the customer and us that leads to success


Content creation and content management

Creating, publishing and optimizing pay-per-click advertisements (AdWords, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram)

Our activity + Your Company = Deserved success

Our team is made up of people with different personalities and various professional strengths but they share one thing in common: they all nourish a growth mindset and the beginner’s mind. That allows us to always take on new challenges, learn and try new methods, and to keep our mind blank enough to understand how different customers think.

We are experts at problem solving and approach challenges with the confidence that we will be able to figure it out. In the online world the formulas are changing far too frequently that we can rely just on our past experiences.

I am a newcomer

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I already have a website

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